The Ultimate Privacy Without The Digital Fingerprints

The Privato PrivateUSB Works on any Computer

  • Securely
  • Undetected
  • Untraceable

Simply Sign off, Unplug and Leave No Trace

The Privato PrivateUSB is used as a send/receive device by PrivateMail and PrivatoPOD members.  The PrivateUSB can be used with any computer having a USB port and Internet connection.  The device boots off of the USB and uses its own OS and not the host computer’s OS.

All email communication is encrypted using AES 256 or customer specified algorithms and all portions of the email become encrypted including the message body, attachments and header information.  The message is never stored on a server because it is used only to receive and pass the information to the intended recipient.

The PrivateUSB can be used with the member's personal computer to send and receive private communication making it unnecessary to have two separate devices one for regular and one for sensitive communication.  Once the communication session has ended the member simply signs off, unplugs the device and leaves with no trace that the host computer was ever used.

PrivateUSB pricing starts at $289.95 and premium models are $779.95. 

Key Features

  • Encrypted bootable USB drive
  • Plug into and boot from any PC
  • Utilize local PC’s hardware: CPU, memory, networking, monitor, USB ports, keyboard and mouse
  • Locked-down booted USB’s runtime OS is isolated from the hard drive and protected from crime-ware on the host PC
  • Leaves no trace on the local PC
  • Local and/or enterprise managed Virtualized Mobile Computing Platform
  • Drive will automatically be disabled after “x” number of failed login attempts. This setting is administratively defined.
  • Remote password reset and remote disable capabilities
  • FIPS 140-2 certified, 256-AES hardware encryption module with tamper resistant components